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 New Monthly Workers Bulletin of the EKS

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Leo Uilleann

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Localisation : Turkey
Organisation : Enternasyonalist Komünist Sol
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New Monthly Workers Bulletin of the EKS Empty
PostSubject: New Monthly Workers Bulletin of the EKS   New Monthly Workers Bulletin of the EKS EmptySat Dec 09, 2006 10:47 pm

As the members of the Internationalist Communist Left (Enternasyonalist Komünist Sol) group, we proudly present our new workers bulletin called Night Notes (Gece Notları in Turkish) we are preparing to publish and distribute monthly to the proletariat in Turkey. The goal we have while publishing this bulletin is to provide information about recent class struggles.

The hard copy, available only in Turkish currently, can only be found in several book shops in Ankara and when our web site is up, we will put the bulletin as a pdf file.

Anyway, just to give news from the proletariat in Turkey, here's some headlines of this issue:

The police attacked thousands of olive producers in the City of Bursa who were protesting against the low amounts of pay.
In Trakya Sanayi, a factory which 135 workers work, workers went on strike after the negotiations with the bosses about wages were broken down.
450 workers who were fired by Polyen company in Bursa, eight months ago without being paid compensation demonstrated against their bosses and their unions which was completely acting for the interests of the bosses, and trying to silence the workers.
300 unionized workers were fired from Beko Electronic, and their union again serves the interests of capital and does nothing.
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New Monthly Workers Bulletin of the EKS
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